Privacy Policy

Safeguarding Our Members’ Privacy
Your privacy is very important to FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) spells out our commitment to respecting the privacy of users of, as well as ‘FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS’ social media websites, mobile websites, applications and other content (collectively, the “Service”). FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy in its sole discretion without notice to you.

Collection of Information
Collection of information is usually grouped into two categories: personally identifiable information and so-called ‘aggregate’ information. Personally identifiable information is any information in FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS possession that is associated with a specific user of our site (such as a name or email address) and information we collect about how individual visitors use our site (such as the fact that a visitor likes entertainment news or has purchased certain merchandise). It does not include aggregate information, which is general demographic information (such as the total number of visitors who are more than 35 years old).

FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS also gathers and stores information via an online management system “(Coacha) (their privacy policy can be accessed by clicking here). Personal information may be collected through this system in order to sign up for new classes, contact parents about existing classes and to allow access to emergency contact information.

FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS may also hold your personal information in order to keep clients up to date.
FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS will only add your information to these mailing lists if you have opted in upon signing up and you are free to opt-out or unsubscribe from this service at any time.

FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS will never sell your personal information to third parties.

Personally Identifiable Information
FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS uses personal information only for the following purposes:
1. to process requests and orders placed with service providers;
2. to personalize content based on visitors’ interests, including making visitors aware of
editorial features, advertisements, and commercial offerings that may be of interest;
3. to communicate with visitors;
4. to serve visitors when they have questions or problems;
5. to perform normal business operations (such as billing) and
6. to investigate complaints and protect visitors, in compliance with the law.

You expressly consent to FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS contacting you through any contact information you provide directly or indirectly to FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS via its Service, in accordance with applicable laws.

Your profile information (any demographic information you provide to FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS such as postcode, age etc) may be used to create personalised content, services, and marketing on FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS Services so that we can deliver information to you based on your interests and location. In addition, FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS may provide affiliates with non-personally identifiable profile information to generate aggregate reports and market research.

Agreement, Interactive Features Guidelines and policies
From time to time, we’ll make our visitor ship list available to carefully selected outside organisations. We may also send approved commercial communications to visitors on behalf of outside parties. If you do not want your name, address, e-mail address or other personal information to be provided for such purposes, indicate your intent by going to Visitor Preferences and choosing to opt out.

FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS uses strict procedures and safeguards designed to protect the privacy of all personal information. All FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS employees with access to personal information are required to follow specific practices concerning its proper handling, as specifically authorized or as
required by law.

FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS complies in all respects with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, as amended, (‘ECPA’). Subject to the subpoena, warrant, consent, and court order provisions of ECPA, we must provide visitor information and/or Internet communications to the proper authorities.

Aggregate Information 

FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS tracks the total number of visitors to each of our pages in an aggregate form  to allow us to update and improve our sites. Personally identifiable information is not extracted in  this process. FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS may use or disclose aggregated (not personally identifiable)  information for any purpose. 

On a limited basis, we use ‘cookie’ technology. Cookies are pieces of information that an Internet  site transfers to your hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Our servers then use these cookies to  make your sessions easier by saving your preferences while you are on FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS pages. The use of cookies is an industry standard — you’ll find them almost everywhere on the Internet. Our cookie usage is single session-only information, and is not stored across multiple  sessions. FIRST CLASS ATHLETICS tracks which ads have been viewed, and we tie it to demographic  data, but not to personally identifiable information. Remember, this describes cookie usage ONLY on First Class (and its affiliate) sites. We have no control over the use of cookies by other  Internet sites and their owners. 

Contact Information 

For answers to specific concerns regarding privacy that are not addressed here, please email  [email protected]